go lucky v1.12

go lucky v1.12
go lucky v1.12
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17. Januar 2022
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go lucky - v1.12
a board game for ATARI 8Bit computers

- code + idea: PPs
- music + sfx: miker
- started to code: 30th March 2020
- last code changes: 17th January 2022
- last new level: 34, 17th January 2022
- 64kB RAM, XL or XE plus disc drive and joystick needed
- tested on NTSC (many thanks _The Doctor__ @atariage) and PAL
- game for 1 to 4 players – humans and CPU controlled players are possible

- rated 7th of 13 by the people who voted for the contest
- included here: game, manual and manual to create own levels

- additions since ABBUC e.V. SWC 2020 edition: more levels, get some cash when
  colleted all tiles and then win 'get all tiles' at fortune wheel, some better
  input options at game menu and some small errors removed

- new in v1.11: 60 Hz machines now have pm switched on by default, too as I
  managed to optimize the display code a bit, some small errors are corrected
  code optimized for later additions

- new in v.12: display routine complete rewritten - you will notice a
  difference ;), corrected evaluation of bankrupt, a new level is added to
  celebrate this new milestone

In this board game your aim is to get rich as soon as possible. To reach this
aim you should raise your money by buying plots and getting rent each time
another player lands on your owned plots. Once you land on your own plot, you
can invest money to raise the rent of it.

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