Another Pong*

Another Pong*
Another Pong*
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17. Juni 2023
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Another Pong
- arcade game for ATARI 8-Bit Computer with at least 64kB RAM
- play Pong with joystick and up to 2 players

- NTSC & PAL friendly - but atm some not so usual machines (PAL-60
  or NTSC-50) will have errors in sound - there will be an updated
  version in future :)

- coded 15.09.-29.10.2018 for the ABBUC e.V.
- first release as annual gift for the ABBUC e.V. members in spring
  2019 with ABBUC Magazin #136

- music done by eMKay
- code and graphics by PPs
- package design of the ABBUC e.V. release by des-OR-mad
- thanks ABBUC e.V. (esp. Wolfgang Burger for copying all the discs)
  for initial release

Have fun and stay ATARI!______________________________PPs_16.01.2020

Another Pong*
- updated version with minor bug fixes and long awaited paddle mode
- many thanks @dmsc for public release of zx01 code, thus made
  another background picture possible

To play with paddle, you must press paddle trigger instead of START
key to start the game. As paddle mode is fast, no additionally
speedup is build in.
This finally was a one day update, after I had some tries during
past years without result.

Another Pong* v2
- some small errors removed
- by demand German version for actual release created

Tried to add another picture, but somehow it did not work.

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