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NYD 2024
01. Januar 2024
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MyJewels' (NYD24 version)
- game for all A8 with at least 48kB of RAM
- NTSC, PAL, 60 Hz, 50Hz, single or dual POKEY friendly
- code + gfx: PPs
- intro and title songs converted 2 A8 by Buddy
- expanded version of my 16kB game from sv23we
- highscore save possible with DOS

This "match 3" style game is not just a new version with some bugfixes of the
MyJewels I presented at "Sillyventure 2023 winter edition", it's more a new
game - so MyJewels' is maybe a MyJewels 2. All the things I added can't fit
into the 16kB of RAM, so we need now 48 kB. Sorry to all who have unmodified
ATARI 400 or ATARI 600 XL.

So what is new?

- better handling of matching jewels
- full version of intro song and a new in game menu song
- up to 12 different jewels
- different game modes
- highscore save on disk

Buddy did great work converting the 2 songs I use in the intro screen and in
the game menu. Thanks for your work! I am sure people recognize what they are.

You can change game mode using the joystick (right - left). 4 different modes
are available:

- time hunt
- MyJewels
- MyJewels'
- eliminate

MyJewels mode is just the same as in the 16kB game, but has the corrected
"match 3" detection and we have a new "hint mode" in all 4 game modes - if you
can't find any match for about 10 seconds, a yellow sign shows a region where
something is possible. You will always have just the 7 different jewels.

MyJewels' mode is almost the same, but you will get more different jewels
based on your points: 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000 and 250000 points each give
you one more new jewel to erase from screen. I fear no one ever gets the 12th
jewel :)

"time hunt" mode adds in a race against the clock. Here you can choose between
some different amount of time at start (move joystick down and then left or
right to switch time). All the tiles from MyJewels' mode can appear at same
points level. You can earn extra time, every time you eliminate more than
3 jewels at once. 4 in a row and 5 in a row of same jewel give another extra
time - so use them to enhance your time up to a maximum of 999 seconds. You
will loss 5 seconds if you switched wrong jewels - at border of game area you
can press the stick to border side to save that, but all other jewels you
have to switch and get the malus, when you marked one by pressing fire.

"elininate" mode maybe is the most challenging one. You have to race against
time '(fixed start of 90 seconds here) and will have to eliminate a special
jewel as often as shown. Everytimne it will be one more needed to reach the
goal. If you are fast enopugh to eliminate enough jewels of shown jewel,
you gain 30 seconds of bonus time. The amount of jewels is fixed to 8
different ones and you can get time bonus / malus same as in "time hunt".

The game should run from any "game dos", but if you want to be able to save
your highscores on disk, the game should run from a real DOS (I tested on
DOS 2.5 and uDOS). The original "SCORES" file should be copied on the same
disk, too. Game is not able to create a new one - so remember this, when you
copy the game to own disks. Ah, and don't try to manipulate the scores file.

As many games are adapted to FujiNet "high score enabled" feature, maybe in
some time, I will add this feature, too. But no promise!

Hope you will have fun with this game I wrote from 15. Nov. 2023 till end of
December 2023 - wow just a bit more than a month and not full time - crazy,
someone should bite me - I must sleeping now ;)
_______________________________________________________________PPs, 01.01.2024

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