New Years Disc

Here you can get all of the New Years Discs, that have been made from the people of forums for our little ATARI.


Im Dezember 2006 kam mir die Idee im Forum von einen Aufruf zu starten. Es sollten bis zum 31.12. alle möglichen Sachen für den kleinen ATARI geschrieben werden und dann zu mir gemailt werden, damit ich dann pünktlich zum neuen Jahr eine Disk für unseren liebsten Rechner zusammenstellen und veröffentlichen konnte.

Ich war total überrascht, wie viele an der Idee gefallen hatten und mitmachten.

Mittlerweile sind aus der Idee schon 5 New Years Discs entstanden. Jedes Jahr gibt es tolle neue Sachen zu entdecken. Es macht immer wieder richtig viel Spaß diese Discs zu erstellen und die Reaktionen der Leute mitzuerleben.

PP´s (Juli 2011)

NYD 2024
MyJewels' (NYD24 version)
- game for all A8 with at least 48kB of RAM
- NTSC, PAL, 60 Hz, 50Hz, single or dual POKEY friendly
- code + gfx: PPs
- intro and title songs converted 2 A8 by Buddy
- expanded version of my 16kB game from sv23we
- highscore save possible with DOS

This "match 3" style game is not just a new version with some bugfixes of the
MyJewels I presented at "Sillyventure 2023 winter edition", it's more a new
game - so MyJewels' is maybe a MyJewels 2. All the things I added can't fit
into the 16kB of RAM, so we need now 48 kB. Sorry to all who have unmodified
ATARI 400 or ATARI 600 XL.

So what is new?

- better handling of matching jewels
- full version of intro song and a new in game menu song
- up to 12 different jewels
- different game modes
- highscore save on disk

Buddy did great work converting the 2 songs I use in the intro screen and in
the game menu. Thanks for your work! I am sure people recognize what they are.

You can change game mode using the joystick (right - left). 4 different modes
are available:

- time hunt
- MyJewels
- MyJewels'
- eliminate

MyJewels mode is just the same as in the 16kB game, but has the corrected
"match 3" detection and we have a new "hint mode" in all 4 game modes - if you
can't find any match for about 10 seconds, a yellow sign shows a region where
something is possible. You will always have just the 7 different jewels.

MyJewels' mode is almost the same, but you will get more different jewels
based on your points: 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000 and 250000 points each give
you one more new jewel to erase from screen. I fear no one ever gets the 12th
jewel :)

"time hunt" mode adds in a race against the clock. Here you can choose between
some different amount of time at start (move joystick down and then left or
right to switch time). All the tiles from MyJewels' mode can appear at same
points level. You can earn extra time, every time you eliminate more than
3 jewels at once. 4 in a row and 5 in a row of same jewel give another extra
time - so use them to enhance your time up to a maximum of 999 seconds. You
will loss 5 seconds if you switched wrong jewels - at border of game area you
can press the stick to border side to save that, but all other jewels you
have to switch and get the malus, when you marked one by pressing fire.

"elininate" mode maybe is the most challenging one. You have to race against
time '(fixed start of 90 seconds here) and will have to eliminate a special
jewel as often as shown. Everytimne it will be one more needed to reach the
goal. If you are fast enopugh to eliminate enough jewels of shown jewel,
you gain 30 seconds of bonus time. The amount of jewels is fixed to 8
different ones and you can get time bonus / malus same as in "time hunt".

The game should run from any "game dos", but if you want to be able to save
your highscores on disk, the game should run from a real DOS (I tested on
DOS 2.5 and uDOS). The original "SCORES" file should be copied on the same
disk, too. Game is not able to create a new one - so remember this, when you
copy the game to own disks. Ah, and don't try to manipulate the scores file.

As many games are adapted to FujiNet "high score enabled" feature, maybe in
some time, I will add this feature, too. But no promise!

Hope you will have fun with this game I wrote from 15. Nov. 2023 till end of
December 2023 - wow just a bit more than a month and not full time - crazy,
someone should bite me - I must sleeping now ;)
_______________________________________________________________PPs, 01.01.2024
1.07 MB
01. Januar 2024
43 x
NYD 2023

New Year's Disc 2023
Another time we want to send New Year's cheers to all of you. Have fun with
your ATARI and all the best for 2023!

I think this time we have a more traditional NYD. Most things are just small
projects created during "time between years", just to cheer all of us. No
"ages of time in making" big intro, but imho a nice set of creatons.
Thanks to all participants. You made a great job!

Wish you all the best for 2023!

01 - run 23             by Buddy + PPs
02 - Archer                 by F#READY
03 - DJack                    by eMKay
04 - evergreen            by superogue
05 - RIP Archer Maclean    by snicklin
06 - New Year Calligraphy     by miker
07 - Smus  by TL_USSR covered by miker
08 - Pele (PAL)                 by PPs

01 - Bring It On           by snicklin
02 - New Year Kid ( Sikor)by miker
03 - another unreal world     by eMKay
04 - ninja                  by popmilo
05 - New Year Smiley          by miker
06 - sin_waves                  by PPs

Source file (MADS) of sin_waves 169 bytes intro is included in seperate
zip file.

crash 117 by gringosoft/rockford

English language version of the text adventure created for the tutorial in
ABBUC magazines.

01 - New Year 3D heart (320k) by miker
02 - Pele (NTSC)                by PPs
03 - 202_hdlines                by PPs
04 - 202_lines                  by PPs
05 - 202_hdlines (x unrolled)   by PPs
06 - 202_hdlines (highres)      by PPs

01 - Smurfs Falaise           by miker
02 - ATARI sweaters             by PPs
03 - Space Invaders sweater(PAL)by PPs
04 - ATARI sweater 1 (PAL)      by PPs

Some infos about 202_lines intros
I wanted to test what is the difference in speed between the 256 colors mode
and gfx9. All the 4 different intros are just using same "plasm" method as in
169 bytes sin_waves intro.
Just add time to x, take sin of that and then add y to get the color of that
location, where x range is from left to right and y range from top to bottom.
At start the plasm is calculated just for 2 lines in height and running up.
Next picture is shown, when calculation is ready.
As you can see it can be really fast, if y is not that high, esp. when showing
just gfx9. Switching to 256 colors, by alternating gfx11 and gfx9 in DLI,
stops just something like a "motion on the screen". It produces nice colors,
but 202 lines are just too many to calculate to produce more than one picture
per frame, where gfx9 screen may have about 3 pics per frame at same lines
Main reason of speed dropping is just the DLI needed, to get the 256 colors
mode. We have so many times to wait, till next mode switch, that there is
not much room to calculate the plasm.
Full screen (256 colors) hd plasma in motion seems to be impossible.

202_hdlines: was first try of this and even reducing screen width does not
work for 256 colors mode in motion. It producecs 64x202 pixels screen.

202_lines: uses half of the resolution in x, so I left it in 40 bytes mode.
40x202 pixels are not far better, but a bit (32 bytes width: the same)

202_hdlines (x unrolled): same resolution as 202hdlines, but x-loops are
unrolled. This shows, that at least here unrolling does not matter. Just
file size explodes a lot. y-loops unrolling would take a 8 kB file with no
noticeable speed incrementation and unrolling x and y takes out the limits
of the A8 (4kB*8kB=32kB^2=32000kB=32MB).

202_hdlines (highres): Just as it can be done. No speed anymore, but here
you have best chances of all to catch a view of the relativity of time ;)
375.70 kB
01. Januar 2023
50 x
NYD 2022

New Year's Disc 2022 ==================== Another year, and another bugs :( This is corrected version with removed typos in info, 128k version of mikers animation 2 on disc 3 and corrected 80s demo - had terrible issues on single pokey machines in 2nd part, sorry. PPs, 06.01.2022_________________________________________original text follows Hello folks. Cool to see you again ;) Hope you got well into 2022 and will now have some fun with our creations. Find below my little introducion some word by the authors. I hope the new year will bring many joy to us all. Wish you all the best! PPs This year's lineup: NYD_2022_Disc1-multidisc ------------------------ 01-80s(v06.01.022) by Buddy+PPs 02-Happy 2022 by F#READY 03-lightpaint 1 by Buddy 04-snowtree by Philsan 05-XMas 2021 by PPs 06-Circle torus by Sikor 07-I love you AtariAge by snicklin 08-BAAF by emkay 09-bigfire (222b) by PPs 10-16bars (502b) by PPs ---------------------------- ED 128kB===101/1040 sec free NYD_2022_Disc2-Pokedex_Wrathchild_Atarimax ------------------------------------------ Poke'dex by Wrathchild ---------------------------- ED 128kB===291/1040 sec free Create your own cart with this flash disc for AtariMaxFlash 1MB carts. ---------------------------------------------- Poke'dex by Wrathchild Use this directly in emulator or with SIDE, AVG or The!Cart and similar. NYD_2022_Disc3-multidisc ------------------------ 01-DMsongs by PPs 02-2022 animation 2(128k) by miker 03-bigfire+sound (237b) by PPs 04-16bars (537b) by PPs 05-16bars (510b)+ by PPs ---------------------------- ED 128kB===075/1040 sec free NYD_2022_Disc4-multidisc ------------------------ 01-2022 animation (320k) by miker 02-runout by emkay ---------------------------- DD 180kB===051/0720 sec free NYD_2022_Disc5-multidisc ------------------------ 01-lightpaint 2 by Buddy 02-run for gold by emkay 03-Brisbane New Year by snicklin ---------------------------- ED 180kB===642/1040 sec free ------------------ MADS sources of my 16bar 512 bytes shrinks. ------------------- MADS sources of my bigfire 256 bytes shrinks. ----------- Many of my created graph2font pictures I used for my productions. NYD 2022_______________________stay ATARI!_________________________01.01.2022 ***************************************************************************** For full info read the included NYD2022.nfo with any text viewer.


650.84 kB
01. Januar 2022
48 x
NYD 2021

NYD 2021
Welcome to the next issue of NYD. We all want to wish you all the best for 2021.
Hope you have some time for the show ;)

Content of the discs:

20202021                 by F#ready
Galactic greetings (PAL) by Yellow-man
neon 2021                by miker
no human                 by emkay
Nobodys Friend           by snicklin
timerun                  by PPs
Vic Zombies (BAS)        by Philsan
ED 128kB===089/1040 sec free

16 bars                  by PPs
Australian Bushfires     by snicklin
happy 2021               by Desire
Harry and Rachel         by snicklin
Mein Schatz              by Mario130XE
mono 2021                by miker
noistro                  by emkay
ED 128kB===019/1040 sec free

quadrixx                 by gringosoft
SD 090kB===343/0720 sec free

Galactic greetings(NTSC) by Yellow-man
Hybris Level NYD2021 ed. by emkay
sandy                    by emkay
thumb 2021               by miker
ED 128kB===372/1040 sec free

ATASCII art editor       by sikor
SD 090kB===501/0720 sec free

total count:
5 discs======1324/4560 sec free
----100% fun for your ATARI----
go lucky v1.1            by PPs

------------------------------------------------------------------2021-01-01 PPs
Some infos by the authors:

F#READY - 20202021
20202021, 256 Bytes intro
For the New Years Disk 2021

F#READY, 2020-12-31
Thanks to IvoP for sound and some optimisations
Philsan - Vic Zombies
Recently I found Zombies, a type-in game I played at the time on my VIC20 (my
first computer), programmed by Mike O' Neill and published on Games for your
VIC20, Virgin Books, 1983. I decided to port it to Atari (my second computer).
To port a game you should know both machines well. That's not my case but I made
it nevertheless ah ah.
BASIC code is almost the same but zombies placement algorithm was too slow.
Therefore I decided to replace the original with a better one made by DMSC.
Besides original version, with VIC20 character set, I added a version slightly
faster and with new graphics made by TIX.
The program detects PAL/NTSC and adjusts palette.
Sikor - ATASCII art editor
Late, but always...
Use with DOS, known bugs: character in right lower corner must be place at end.
Use with control and cursor key. Sorry, that this time is so small thing...
PPs - 16 bars
Just some words about this little one. First version of this thing counted for
exact 900 bytes. After some optimization I crunched it down to 816 Bytes. Then
I added the extra colors so in th eend we have now 894 bytes in total. Hope you
like my first 1024 ByteTro.
PPs - go lucky v1.1
Full game in latest version plus manuals. If you have some ideas, what could
be made better or added (only a few bytes are left free), please contact me.
4.94 MB
01. Januar 2021
57 x
NYD 2020

New Year's Disc 2020
Hello everyone!
Welcome to this years edition of NYD!

It was a hard year for me in 2019 - a big not expected thing happend to me. So
it was not so easy to create something for the A8. But I didn't want to stop
this tradition and even if I had no clue, what to code myselves I started the
call for entries at November 8th 2019.

Gunstar and eMKay where about the first who had contacted me and eMKay just had
a nice tune ready, so I had an idea, what I could try to code and asked both to
help. But due to some more problems here, time ran out to do a nice production.

At the end I had to cancel this project, to have at least one thing ready for
NYD 2020. Again: Sorry Gunstar and eMKay that I did not complete the thing and
your work is not presented as we had planned.

I really hope to come back to this project and make it to a presentable and nice

Ok, now back to this NYD...

My little intro should run on NTSC or PAL, but should be watched in PAL, as the
colours are not set for NTSC - sound runs well even at 60 Hz PAL machines this
time. Tools used to do this are: Rasterconverter, mads, graph2font, ATARI Font
Maker, Raster Music Tracker, WUDSN - Thanks to the authors of these tools. The
music was ripped from a modfile ebbhead made in 1992.

Other words from the people who had made the projects are added below the

We hope you all got well into 2020 and will have fun watching, listening and
yes, PLAYING!!! There is imho a very well done game there this time :) At least
my daughter had some minutes of fun playing the ATARI, yet.

This NYD's lineup:

NYD2020 Disc 01 - multidisc.atr
2020 (intro)                                  by PPs
Happy 2020 (256 Byte)                         by F#READY
Happy New Year (animation)                    by miker
SEGA Rocky (PAL picture)                      by Gunstar
Runner Bear                                   by playsoft & friends
Ei aus der Taiga (intro)                      by eMKay
ED 128kB======008/1040 sec free

NYD2020 Disc 02 - NewTek demo (Filippo Santellocco)(pal).atr
NewTek Demo (PAL slideshow)                   by Philsan
ED 128kB======007/1040 sec free

NYD2020 Disc 03 - multidisc.atr
Mines (BASIC 10 liner)                        by Fabrizio Caruso
Ei aus der Taiga 2 (intro)                    by eMKay
Air fist Rocky (PAL picture)                  by Gunstar
Snowfall (intro)                              by Philsan
Boris & Farage (picture)                      by snicklin
2020 (intro)                                  by TiRED
Doomfire (intro)                              by Wrathchild
2020 (NTSC picture)                           by Philsan
ED 128kB======057/1040 sec free

NYD2020 Disc 04 - cartoon slideshow (Sikor).atr
classic cartoons slideshow                    by Sikor
ED 128kB======274/1040 sec free

NYD2020 Disc 05 - multidisc.atr
Ei aus der Taiga 3 (intro)                    by eMKay
2020 (PAL picture)                            by Philsan
Champ Rocky (PAL pictrue)                     by Gunstar
ED 128kB======342/1040 sec free

NYD2020 Disc 06 - multidisc.atr
Neon (320 kB animation)                       by miker
DD 180kB======063/0720 sec free

total count:
6 discs======0751/5920 sec free
----100% fun for your ATARI----

------------------------------------------------------------------2020-01-01 PPs
authors words:

F#READY - Happy 2020
Happy 2020
Atari Invasion

256 bytes thingy for New Years Disk
F#READY, December 2019

Snow routine ripped/optimised 
Credits: Claus Buchholz 1981, Xmas Tree Demo
Fabrizio Caruso - Mines
  - Atari Basic 10-liner strategy game
  - game available for many platforms (

You are in a minefield where mines appear both
- under your feet once you move and 
- around you (more if you do not move)
You can clear the area around you with anti-mine charges but you can only carry
a maximum of 9.
If you reach a "$" item you get an extra anti-mine charge.
The field has upper and lower borders that kill you if reached. Left and right
borders wrap around.
The rate of mines appearing around you increases continuously.

- reach the highest score possible by walking on empty positions or collecting
  charges "$"
- avoid stepping on mines or the upper and lower borders
- reach the next 100 points to get a full recharge of your anti-mine charges

- walk into an empty position: 1 point
- walk into an anti-mine charge "$": 5 points

- use I J K L keys to move 
- use SPACE bar to clear nearby area (if you have enough charges)
Philsan - NewTek demo
  - inspired by Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987)
  - images ripped from Amiga, edited and converted with RastaConverter program
    by Ilmenit
  - slideshow code by PPS
Philsan - Snowfall Atari
  - compiled Turbo-Basic XL
  - graphics 7 image edited and converted with Atari Graphics Studio program by
  - RMT player by Raster, adapted for TBXL by Marok
  - original Atari Basic snowfall code by Fred Key (1986)
  - Depeche Mode Little 15 tune by JaKub Husak (2010)
  - packed by Homesoft
milpool/TiRED - 2020
      _________/_   /-----.______ -------.
    _(          /__/       )  ___)_____   )_____._
    \___   ____/  _/ _-   /__ _/     |/   \     _//
      : \_/   \___\ __\_____/_____:_______/mpl  :
      :                                         :
      :    TiRED - 2020  - Atari 8Bit intro     :
      :_                                        .
      .//  TiRED sends a happy new year to      :
      :    the atari scene with this little     .
      :    intro. GFX/Music/Code by milpool!    .
      :    Requires 64kb.                       .
      .                                         :
      . _[ trd2020.xex ]________________________:
Wrathchild - Doomfire
This demo I initially worked on in April 2019 after converting the original
Javascript into a C and Allegro prototype on Windows.
The aim was to then port take that code onto the UNO Cart’s ARM processor to
see it running on the A8 but that hasn’t been done yet.
There were two flavours, a 2x2 pixel mode for 2 rows of Graphics 10 per square
at 80 pixels wide or 4x4 pixels for 4 rows at 40 pixels wide.
For the NYD 2020, I have converted the C into 6502 assembler and first tried to
see if the 2x2 version would run ok on a stock machine. 
It was almost acceptable but I chose to move to the 4x4 mode instead and this
works fine. 
Coding was done across 3 days from 29th-31st Dec but has taken about a day
NTSC/PAL is detected at startup and colors/colours are adjusted accordingly
however the music will run a little faster on NTSC.
Having listened through the Winter Olympiad 88 songs, initially I was thinking
to use the Biathlon tune but preferred the Downhill one in the end.
586.61 kB
01. Januar 2020
274 x
NYD 2019 bonus disc
New Year's Disc 2019
----------------------------------------------------------------------bonus disc
A little late for releasing it right at NYD2019 I received a nice intro by
Mad Team at the evening of 01.01.2019. It would have been a pity, if it would
not get into the light it was designed for, so I asked if it is ok to release
on a bonus disc...

So here we go! Have fun and enjoy this well done intro!

NYD2019 Disc 06 - bonus disc.atr
intro                                         by Mad Team
ED 128kB=======762/1040 sec free
------------------------------------------------------------------07.01.2019 PPs
32.96 kB
07. Januar 2019
270 x
NYD 2019

New Year's Disc 2019
-----------------------------------------------------------3rd corrected edition
Welcome to another edition of the NYD!

After last years immense count of 10 discs, we are back at "normal" count and
finally after a "Super Packer session" we have 5 discs with 26 gems for you.

This time we have a very special guest at the NYD who don't wants to be named.
Thanks for sharing your work with us.


The lineup:

NYD2019 Disc 01 - multidisc.atr
Hello 2019 (intro)                            by PPs + miker
Impresstro (intro)                            by emkay
Happy 2019 (256 Bytetro -> in fact 245)       by F#READY, Atari Invasion
Picture 01 (winter time) (picture)            by Mario130XE
Picture 02 (steam train) (picture)            by Mario130XE
Picture 03 (winter town) (picture)            by Mario130XE
Picture 04 (2 bunnies) (picture)              by Mario130XE
ATARI 800 - 40 years (NTSC version) (picture) by Philsan
Bean And Gone (picture)                       by snicklin
Limbo Is Over (picture)                       by snicklin
ED 128kB=======39/1040 sec free

NYD2019 Disc 02 - Nailrace Pak.atr
A nice pak with some different versions of Basic10Liners Nailrace coded by
Rockford. Don't touch too many nails, now even a 2 players race is possible.
ED 128kB======707/1040 sec free

NYD2019 Disc 03 - multidisc.atr
James Pond Intro (intro)                      by emkay
ATARI Invasion Invitation (intro)             by ivop
Xmas 2018 (intro)                             by PPs + emkay
ATARI 800 - 40 years (PAL version) (picture)  by Philsan
New Year Pig (animation)                      by miker
Happy New Year (picture)                      by "John Doe"
2019 (PAL version) (picture)                  by Philsan
2019 (NTSC version) (picture)                 by Philsan
ED 128kB=======70/1040 sec free

NYD2019 Disc 04 - multidisc.atr
noiz15kHz (intro)                             by emkay
mode11 revised (intro)                        by PPs
Happy New Year (128 kB animation)             by miker
DSR_NYD19 (intro)                             by Desire
WinTin (intro)                                by skr
Gojira retired (picture)                      by Sikor
ED 128kB=======20/1040 sec free

NYD2019 Disc 05 - New Year Girls (adult).atr
game for adult people with two different playsets (and more if demanded)
by Sikor + miker

Sikor says:
Sikor entry for NYD 2019 with a old music made by Miker (with his permission).
Game is another clone of JAN-KEN-PON (scissor-paper-stone) game with ADULT 
CONTENT. So, rules are simple:
- scissor beat paper
- paper beat stone
- stone beat scissor
Use joystick and enjoy it. If you load NYG.XEX (man file) from DOS (tested with
myDOS) - you can load other sets of opponents (always two). I add two set for
this file now:
- BASIC.NYG - it is standard set, putted into main file
- SET1.NYG - other two girls and other music
If someone asks for - I'll do a simple tool to make other sets. Sets must
have .NYG extension with property format. After load of new opponents - colors
on title are set as in first picture in file.
O.K. How to play:
- to start use joystick left or right and hit fire
- to load new opponents - put joystick down and hit fire, if there are opponent
  sets on disk - you can choose one with joystick
- when you play - use joystick left/neutral/right to choose your object
- you have limited time, but - if you know, what you can choose - simple hit
- opponent now draws the item
- if you win - 1/9 part of picture will be uncovered
- you have 5 tries
- after play simply hit fire
HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy it!
- idea, code, additional gfx, font, tests: Sikor
- music, graphics choose, graphics convert, moral support: Miker
Greetings to all atarians! Happy New Year!
ED 128kB======374/1040 sec free

total count:
5 discs======1210/5200 sec free
----100% fun for your ATARI----

------------------------------------------------------------------2019-01-01 PPs
442.93 kB
01. Januar 2019
311 x
NYD 2018

Hello to everyone who is reading here.

The new year arrived, so it's time for the next NYD. When I first called for
entries for a new years disc at Christmas eve back in 2006, I wanted to inspire
the ATARI scene to sit down and do something with the ATARI 'inbetween the
years', to have fun for their own when creating and for all of us, when
watching the release. I had so much fun, that my 'cry for something' was heared
and the NYD was born. Since then we've seen 11 NYD and this is the 12th edition.
Some times it happened that the crowd asked, if theere will be another nyd,
before I opened another 'calling thread'.
For me this is absolute fantastic, as this is what I intended to reach - people
love to end the old year creating something and even love tho see what's beeing
You all - 'creators' and 'watchers' - have fun with the ATARI - my mission is
completed :)
NO PANIC! I'm not done with it... Just want to say THANKS to you all!

Now we'd better come to the discs content...

NYD2018 Disc 01 - multidisc
NYD 2018 Info                                         by PPs
    - some texts by the authors of all the projects
    - plus a picture quickly created using graph2font
    - you can scroll with joystick or SELECT and OPTION
    - quickly created to have some infos native on ATARI
    - source will come later
Amitari                                               by mk
    - one screener
NYD 2018                                              by Mario130XE
    - picture
The magnify demo                                      by Senor Rossie
    - 'demo took me only 23 years to finish...'
Kendallsoft Kaverns                                   by therealbountybob
    - new levels for Boulderdash
    - "Kendallsoft Kaverns"  - It goes with the Pro© magazine article: 
      "Boulderdash - Turn your screens into a game" . They are probably
      fairly challenging levels!
2018                                                  by PPs
    - one screener
    - created using graph2font, mads, Superpacker, RMT, ATARI Fontmaker and some
      Win tools
    - music by mk
----------------------------------------------------------1038/1040 sectors used

NYD2018 Disc 02 - multidisc
Ring the Bells                                        by CharlieChaplin
    - animation (128k)
2018 fireworx                                         by miker
    - animation (128k)
----------------------------------------------------------0989/1040 sectors used

NYD2018 Disc 03 - HDM2
His Dark Majesty: Quest II                            by therealbountybob

Twas thought His Dark Majesty was finally defeated in the Castle of Awe but it
seems there was some deception, perhaps some mystical force was at work, for he
has once again started to conquer lands and wreak havoc upon men. Rumour has it
his subjects have built a new stronghold somewhere in the high cliffs. Hearing
this, the King has began to get word out and amass an army of strongmen from the
local towns - he set off some weeks ago but there has been no word. You, his
loyal subject answer the call and with a hunting party from your village set off
to join him...
Shamus+ - New Mazes for Shamus
V 1.0
slx, 2017

Shamus+ is a patch of Shamus
allowing to play the extra mazes from the
C64 version. It includes a "Tournament"
mode playing all mazes in succession
and a pause function. A rare bug affecting
advanced players only is rectified.



Use [OPTION] to select the starting Maze. "Tournament" will play through all
mazes in sequence (except the "Original C64" which is almost identical to the
original Atari maze).

When you die in tournament mode the next game will start at the beginning of the
maze you died in. The maze selection will still read "Tournament". In order to
start a tournament from scratch, use [OPTION] to rotate through all the mazes
until you are in "Tournament" again. Use [SPACE] to pause and the fire button
to end the pause.

A documentation about the genesis of this patch is available at
Shamus was originally written by William Mataga and published by Synapse
Software in 1982. Copyright is assumed to be with Cathryn Mataga at the time of
this patch. The C64 levels are believed to have been developed by Jack L.
Thornton who is named on the C64 version title page. I have been unable to
contact either of them and hope that they approve of this patch. Copyright of
the patch and conversion software is with the author Permission to use, copy,
modify, and distribute this software for any purpose without fee is hereby
granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice
appear in all copies. Should any of this interfere with any copyright of the
original author(s), their copyright shall have precedence.


Happy New Year 2018                                   by Wrathchild
    - Programming & Graphics : Wrathchild
    - Additional Graphics : PseudoGrafx
    - Music : "Snow Blind" - Miker (based on original mod by Dr. Awesome)
    - Inspired by : SSX3 loading screen (with a nod to the Coolboarders 3 intro)
Freestyle                                             by mk
    - one screener
----------------------------------------------------------1031/1040 sectors used

NYD2018 Disc 08 - Tornado Pinball
Tornado Pinball                                       by Rockford
    - created with Pinball Construction Set
    - when booted to DOS type 'L' for load and enter 'TORNADO' as filename
----------------------------------------------------------0616/0720 sectors used

NYD2018 Disc 09 - multidisc
Happy New Year Girl                                   by Animkomials
    - animation (320k)
DYCP 2018                                             by Cosine
    - DYCP 2018 is a small demo with a couple of DYCPs to show off a triple
      speed cover of the Uridium 2 loading music.
    - code by T.M.R/Cosine
    - music by aNdy/Cosine
----------------------------------------------------------0967/1040 sectors used

NYD2018 Disc 10 - multidisc
Animated XMAS card                                    by CharlieChaplin
    - animation (128k)
Historic Trucks                                       by PPs
    - picture show
    - pictures taken at IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014 by me and rendered to the A8
      using rastaconverter
    - other ATARI related tools used: WUDSN, Superpacker, MADS
    - music by mk
----------------------------------------------------------1023/1040 sectors used

As you can see, there's a lot to discover for us this year. I'm sure you'll love
some of the things. Thanks again to all the people who made NYD a success!

NYD 2018 total count-------------------------------------7236/8000 sectores used
--------------------------------90.45% used disc space--------------------------
----10 discs-----26 entries---------------------------------endless fun creating
--------------------------unknown amount bugs to find and keep------------------

Happy New Year 2018!
                            ... and STAY ATARI! ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------01.01.2018 PPs
PS: I really hope that I didn't forget something.
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01. Januar 2018
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NYD 2017 - bonus disc

New Years Disc 2017 - bonus disc

Just after the release of the NYD I received another entry. So here it is:

NYD2017 - bonus disc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Snowplow NYD 2017		(game)		by therealbountybob

Notes from him:
- - - - - - - -
Here is SnowPlow a game from Analog Magazine Issue 64 (Editor was in Issue 65).
Full Info on the game here

We're playing the game in the HSC, released copies only had 1 level which was a
bit disappointing,  so I have created a 2nd level and added one that came with
the editor as the third level, plus I've done a mini 4th level which I have not

The game is simple but fun - you can PLOW the cars to rescue them for more
points!! You can make 1 jump using the fire button. The storms come on more
frequently as time goes by. Probably a good one for children too.

The game returns to the title screen after doing each level - press Start and
the next level is loaded so leave the disk in/attached.

DOS Disk with renamed to autorun.sys level files SMAP/01/02/03
are loaded in file order not name order.

Best Wishes for 2017
Happy New Year 2017!
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01. Januar 2017
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NYD 2017

New Years Disc 2017

Happy New Year!!! We (full crowd is listed below) are proud to present you
some stuff to enjoy watching, listening and playing just when the new year
is new born.

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
NYD 2017			(intro)		by PPs
Prosit 2017			(picture)	by Mario130XE
Neon 2017	 		(animation)	by Miker
Goodbye 2016			(picture)	by Snicklin
Carrie Fisher (NTSC & PAL)	(intro)		by Philsan & Jimpack
Snowman SID			(music)		by Wrathchild
Happy New Year 2017		(intro)		by Tigerduck
10 Liner Invitation		(invitro)	by Sascha Kriegel

Note: NYD 2017 has no NTSC testing, so sound runs to fast and colors are not
set correct. Small Effect doesn't care about NTSC too. So both of my new years
gifts better run on PAL. Hope to release them later with NTSC support.

Disc 2 - multidisc (Single Density)
ATARISID 6			(sounddisc)	by Ivo van Poorten

A disc full of SID sounds.

Disc 3 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
MD201701			(intro)		by Cosine
CX2626 Miniatur Golf		(game)		by Playsoft
Camelight 2017			(intro)		by Desire
Happy 2017			(intro)		by Miker & friends
Disco Zax			(music)		by Miker & XXL
Small Effect			(1 screener)	by PPs
Get Lucky			(intro)		by Playsoft
Hotpunk				(picture)	by Mario130XE
Happy New Year!			(intro)		by PopMilo
Multi Twisters			(intro)		by TeBe & Rocky	

Notes for CX2626 from Playsoft:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Instructions for the original VCS version can be found here:

The VCS controls are mapped to the following A8 keys:

start  = game reset switch (begin game)
select = game select switch (select one or two player game)
option = tv type switch (colour or black and white)
1      = left difficulty switch
2      = right difficulty switch

Additionally the + and - keys can be used to adjust the vertical display

Disc 4 - Dozerattack (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Dozer				(game)		by Rockford

Dozer is a game written in TurboBasic from some old sources. Have
fun shooting the enemies.		

Disc 5 - Blowjobb part (Double Density)
NYD2K17				(intro)		by Blowjobb

Note: Disc boots into DOS. Type N*.* and hit Shift-Return to run the intro.

Disc 6 - Soco Maniac (Ehanced/Medium Density)
Soco Maniac (1996)		(game)		by Matosimi

Note: Matosimi started this game when he was 12 and finally released it to the
public with this NYD.
Happy New Year 2017!
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01. Januar 2017
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